Temporary Closure because of COVID-19 (2020.08.30~)

We have 3-4 kinds set menu to make your selection easier.
Set menu = around 8-14USD
A la carte MENU (around 70 dishes )
Price=around 4 -7USD /dish
We serve selection of local beer(5-6kinds)
and local wine(CHATEAU DALAT)

- Deep fried spring roll / ChaGio
- Braised chicken with lemongrass/ Ga kho xa ot
- Sauted beef with flower chives/ Bo xao bong he
- Steamed prawn in coconut juice/ Tom hap nuoc dua
- Braised pork in clay pot/ Thit kho to
- Grilled eggplant with spring onion/ Ca tim mo hanh
- Purple colored yam potato soup/ Canh khoai mo

- Seafood rice in claypot/ Com tay cam hai san
    and many more....
Vegetarian dishes are also available

Cotton garlic stir-fried
Steamed rice with coconut milk
Đậu hủ kho xã
Shrimp warehouse
Delicious foods
Meat egg ware
Rice handles
Chicken warehouse